Nepali children need urgent help after Nepal's Earthquake!

It is hard to fathom, yet much of the aid from abroad is now being blocked by new governmental restrictions or stuck in red-tape and is not getting to those that need it the most. Ahimsa International has volunteers on the ground collaborating with local non-profit survival assistance organizations to get medical care and aid out into the villages and remote, hard-to-reach areas as soon as possible before more people die due to lack of basic necessities. Our team will be purchasing much needed supplies in the eastern part of the country to be delivered by bus to worst stricken villages for distribution. The goods will be taken into the mountains on multiple 4x4 vehicles as far as possible and then by foot. Our associated teams are expert climbers and emergency medical technicians, sherpas, nurses, and coroners who assist in tending the sick, providing tents, blankets, and medicines, and work as well with cremations of corpses to prevent disease outbreaks. We aim to raise as much money as possible to fill up the vehicles with supplies and gas to make the trips where needed. Your donation will go direct to supplies on the ground - you really can make a difference. Help us save lives now and start the rebuilding of homes in villages with sturdy, non-collapsible housing. Disaster Response. Disaster Prevention.

Ahimsa International volunteer coordinator from Nepal, Mr. Dipendra Shrestha, reaches out for Nepal's earthquake victims:
Hello and Namaste everyone, my name is Dipendra Shrestha, and I am from Nepal. I have been abroad working to support my family there for several years. My village was not very badly affected by the earthquake, and my brother has been doing his best to gather supplies from less affected areas near our home and deliver them to people in the more devastated areas near the epicenter of the earthquake. From my home we are able to access several rural communities outside of Kathmandu that have been very badly affected. There are still supplies at markets near my home. I have already sent money to purchase supplies and I own a bus my brother is driving to take the supplies to these areas, but I need help to be able to buy more supplies and fuel to be able to send to these areas where those who have goods are selling them for much higher prices than normal, taking advantage of the aid not reaching those who need it. The people feel like they cannot rely on the government to give them the help they need at this time, so please join this effort at the base of the society where there are many hands to see the needful done. There is a major problem with aid reaching many of the outlying areas, especially those close to the quake center, not just due to the difficulty of traveling the terrain, but also local corruption in the distribution of aid. I have been a volunteer with the nonprofit organization Ahimsa International for the last three years, and they are helping me to spread this campaign to raise these funds without corrupt intermediaries - just people to people. We will soon be taking the help of other nonprofit organizations to coordinate the purchase of more high tech permanent shelter materials, medical equipment, water filters, and rebuilding efforts with safer and sanitary infrastructure, but initially, we need to provide the basics for people that we have access to that have nearly nothing before they perish while they wait for adequate aid to arrive in whatever form that may be.
Please help us to be able to do this because we really do not know how long it will take official aid to reach these areas. I am asking you to join us to make things happen in Nepal for some of those that still have not gotten help and also in beginning the reconstruction efforts. Any amount will help and will be used to help the people of Nepal to get back on their feet. Thank you very much

A Message from Ahimsa International
At the time of this great disaster affecting Nepal, Ahimsa International is rallying to raise funds for the relief efforts by working with our Nepali team members on the ground and abroad. Huge amounts of money are being raised internationally, but how much of it is really reaching the people? We are seeking to support a grassroots movement to cut out local corruption. Price gouging is taking place on a massive level, driving up prices for bare necessities as resources become more scarce and not enough aid is reaching the people in a timely manner to prevent this. Aid workers and rescue missions are being asked to return home although there is so much left to do, and it remains uncertain how long it will take formal aid to reach many of the people in the countryside.

Money raised will be given directly to Nepal based emergency medical relief work and to local organizers on the ground in order to purchase and provide tents, blankets, water, and food to the survivors of the earthquake devastation in areas that have not yet been reached by formal aid agencies due to access difficulties with the rough Nepali terrain. Our team will be purchasing and moving supplies from less affected areas within the region to areas that were hardest hit and desperately in need. We have formed communication networks among Nepalis who search for friends across Nepal to affirm that people are alive and well and confirm their greatest needs or points of suffering. Please join the movement to bypass local corruption and make sure the funds reach those who need it the most.