Afghan Refugees-The Hidden Holocaust

Ahimsa International was founded in 1997 to shed light on areas of severe human and environmental suffering around the world, as well as to catalyze long term solutions for communities in crisis.
Ahimsa's first challenge began by exposing the hidden and intolerable suffering of Afghan refugee orphans and families living in tent camps in Pakistan. These camps have become centers of despair and unspeakable misery for over 30 years.
Ahimsa and a small, intrepid film crew of volunteers, journeyed throughout camp locations in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1999, 2000, and 2001, filming the horrifying reality of life for the refugees. From the footage, we produced:

The Silent Cry: A War on Innocence.

This film short is about the abuse of young girls and boys in and near the camps.
The Silent Cry was narrated by actor Martin Sheen.
If you would like to see more work like this, please donate today to our upcoming followup documentary tour of the Afghan Refugee camps. Help us shed light on the refugee crisis of 2015 and on the stunning human story that is hidden from the world.

The suffering of children was the worst aspect we saw in the camps. But it was not the only aspect. We filmed and interviewed men and women who shared their grief and despair about the conditions of their lives and the loss of family members.
  • The Shrouded World- depicting the abuse and dehumanization of women.
  • The Cost of Bread - about starvation, and what families must sacrifice to eat
  • I Am Not an Animal -concerning the deterioration of men who have lost their trades, careers and families.
Ahimsa has termed the existence of the refugee camps as 'The Hidden Holocaust', as they are essentially abuse and starvation zones which have stood largely outside of the global media focus for decades. We filmed a series of interviews with men, women and families looking at the problem from a spectrum of angles:
The Afghan Refugee Crisis and our first short episode, The Silent Cry, were posted on Ahimsa International's website in 2000. We planned to promote The Silent Cry once Martin Sheen completed his narration in 2002, but by then the events of 9-11 had changed the world-view on the Middle East. We chose not to promote the film in the climate of hatred and fear that existed at the time, because the real issues concerning the need for medical assistance, food, and transitional employment would be overlooked and the theme of suffering children might have fostered more hostility than assistance.

Ahimsa to Return for Follow-up Documentary Tour in 2015

We are now planning a follow-up film tour in 2015, to return to the Afghan refugee camps and surrounding areas to interview the children we spoke to 17 years ago, to follow their lives, hear their stories and to find a way to help prevent suffering for the next generation of Afghani children.

Please, we encourage anyone and everyone to help:
anyone who can give as little as one dollar to this effort.
Every dollar counts as a unit of compassionate intention to end the suffering.

The Afghan Refugee Film Tour of 2015 will require donations for cameras and other production equipment, the hiring of a seasoned documentary camera crew, travel expenses, postproduction and many other basic necessities toward producing a feature length documentary series.

Please help us cultivate peace and provide opportunities by bringing to light the suffering of the Afghan Refugees and their children. Help us share their story by donating to our film tour of 2015.

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At the end of the Afghan Refugee Crisis tour we will launch a related tour of impoverished populations worldwide to track the similarities and the black-market pressures that oppress the world's most forgotten peoples everywhere. Our next tour will include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, and other countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. If you would like to help us bring light on these areas of suffering, please, tell your friends, and help us get the word out.

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